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14-Nov-22 - 09:26 AM
Thread Name: Review: Thomas Inkfeld Acoustic guitar strings
Subject: RE: Review: Thomas Inkfeld Acoustic guitar strings
Backwoodsman - the Taylor guitar stringing video

Thanks but ot impressed, sorry. I never thought I’d find more to dislike about Taylor guitars!

1. Take all the strings off at once - try that on anything with a floating bridge and you’ll have to re-set your intonation. Changing strings a course at a time enables you to keep the whole lot more or less in tune the whole time.
2. Side cutters to remove bridge pins - what? If you can’t remove them with your fingers, you’ve pushed them in too hard. (I did once see a chap in a guitar shop tapping some in gently with a small hammer.) Great if you want to split your bridge. If one won’t budge, simply push the string back down the bridge pin slot to dislodge the ball end from the notch in the bridge pin. All the bridge pin should be doing is holding the ball in the notch.
3. Using the tuners to measure how much slack to leave - revolutionary! I used to pull them tight, grip them at the nut and measure the slack with reference to the frets but I’ve grown out of that. (.... and I’ve been re-stringing guitars longer than Taylor have been making them!)

At that point I gave up watching. If anyone is a proponent of the locking strings on method, please tell me how you can easily get the darned things off again.

If your nut needs some sort of lubrication, it probably needs attention. Start by cleaning out the nut slots with a sharply folded sheet of brown paper. If that doesn’t work, buy a set of nut files. If they’re too expensive buy a set of needle files. Although not as good as the real thing, I bought a set of needle files earlier this year for £2.95 and that included delivery!

I know what you mean about Taylor guitars, I’m a Santa Cruz man myself although I still have the Martin I bought new for £190 somewhere.