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14-Nov-22 - 09:02 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Tied Up in a Sack (The Bundling Song)[Pratt]
Subject: ADD Chords: Tied Up in a Sack (The Bundling Song)
I had the pleasure of meeting G + E Pratt after one of their gigs in Birmingham back in the early 1970's.
I had the cheek to ask G if he would teach me how to play the song. Such a kind lovely man, he obliged.
He played it in 'C'
This is the chord sequence he showed me.
I hope it gives you as much pleasure as it has given me.

(if you want to know the guitar pick just email me)

    C         Dm          C            F
When I was a young lad me folks were so poor
    C          Dm         Dm7             G
We ate off the bed and we slept on the floor
          C       Dm          C         F
And the table we used in the place of a door
    C          Bb             C
Cos all of its legs had gone missing.
       F                         C
And though we all lived in the very same room
       Dm       Dm7             G             G7
The prospect of courting ne'er filled me with gloom
      C      Dm         C         F
For privacy sure now I never did lack
   C          Dm          G       C
I did all me courting tied up in a sack
Tied up in a sack, tied up in a sack
   F          C             G       C
I did all me courting tied up in a sack