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Posted By: GUEST,Robert B. Waltz
19-Nov-22 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: Origins: The H'emmer Jane
Subject: RE: Origins: The H'emmer Jane
Joe Offer wrote: Thank you very much for finding that, mtaft. I like the humor in this version.

I have thanked him separately, but I'll add that, having the correct title lets us dig a little deeper. That version was printed 1865, but the fact that it's the eleventh edition of the Stonewall Song Book hints that it's older (even if, as was often true back then, "edition" really meant "printing").

That led me to an 1859 edition. You can't read either the words or the tune, really, but it's this song. Still no attribution listed, just an "arranger." But it pushes it back six more years -- and gives good reason to think it's older still, since we have two editions from different parts of the United States printed close together in time.