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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
03-Jan-23 - 06:19 PM
Thread Name: DECLUTTER * Health/Home Ecologic-Innovation *2023
Subject: RE: DECLUTTER * Health/Home Ecologic-Innovation *2023
Andrew, that's quite a rabbit hole to descend.

The blue laws in Texas and Kentucky and Louisiana that I have experienced over the years impacted Sunday purchases of alcohol along with odd things. Clothing, automobiles, personal things like pantyhose, no rhyme or reason to a lot of it. Most of those have been removed (though in Texas auto dealers have the choice of which weekend day they are closed, they can only be open six days a week.) I just looked up my home state of Washington's liquor control board and find they seem to be largely about cannabis now.

The holidays have an impact on diet - so much sugar. I'm off of the various breads and cookies, along with the wine and Scotch that were here over the last month, now just to finish off the last of the dark chocolate caramels and go cold turkey. I'm hoping that if the dog cone and stitches are resolved tomorrow that I can finally go back to using the dog door and spend more time away from the house. I know people go to work and leave their dogs indoors for nine or 10 hours at a time, but these guys aren't used to it and the Lab can't handle it. I'll go to the gym tomorrow afternoon and make more progress on my audio book. I've missed that. (I typically don't just go to the gym, as far away as it is I combine that activity with volunteer activities and am usually away from the house 4 to 6 hours.)