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Posted By: Helen
04-Jan-23 - 03:29 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Repairing Songbook Bindings
Subject: RE: Tech: Repairing Songbook Bindings
Hi Joe,

Many decades ago I used to do some book repairs at the library where I worked. If it is just one or two pages falling out, a neat trick is to cut a long strip of lightweight paper - cut it a bit longer than the height of the page and about 3/4 inch wide - fold it lengthwise, get the book ready, lightly apply some paste/water-based glue to the outside of the strip and gently push the strip into the crease of the page to hold both sides of the pages together. Make sure the paste is only on the two outside parts of the strip of paper so that no paste gets onto the pages and sticks them together.

When all the pages are back in place, close the book, carefully trim the overhang of the paper strip at top and bottom, and let the paste dry. You might want to put the book down flat and rest another book on top to keep everything in place while the paste dries.

The advantage of using the folded strip of paper is that the pages still open completely. If you just tried gluing the inner edges of the pages together, they wouldn't completely open.

This only works if the binding is still mostly intact.

If what you want to do is rebind the whole book, I don't know about that.