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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
08-Jan-23 - 03:58 PM
Thread Name: DECLUTTER * Health/Home Ecologic-Innovation *2023
Subject: RE: DECLUTTER * Health/Home Ecologic-Innovation *2023
When my kids were growing fast and I discovered eBay I used to pack together like-sized clothes in good condition for kids and sell them as a "lot." Pants and shirts, generally aimed at school-age kids. I sell estate sale handbags and shoes there, and specific types of garments like vintage things from my mom's closet or really old things out of the trunks from my great aunt's house. And thrift store finds like types of jeans that sell well.

I had a couple of lemons I peeled the rind from to use in baking last month but never squeezed the juice; they were stored in the fridge in sealed containers. I finally decided to squeeze them and today have been looking for a recipe or two for lemon juice. There's a nice yogurt lemon pound cake that I'm going to try (I love lemon meringue pie, but if I'm here by myself I'll eat the whole thing.) The cake sounds like something that would freeze.

Yesterday I used things from the fridge and freezer and made what I will call an unusual batch of kidney beans; I added several of my roasted Hatch chilis and a smoked chicken breast that had been in the freezer for a while. It's odd but edible. Like Hatch chili stew with beans added. It used some frozen garden tomatoes and used up a small container of sofrito from a batch of Puerto Rican arroz con gandules we made last week. The goal was to empty several containers, and I did that.

My power strip has arrived, but I ordered an 8' cord and this is 6'. Damn. Either change plans or return it.