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11-Jan-23 - 02:10 PM
Thread Name: Songs from the Mudcat Worldwide Singaround
Subject: RE: Songs from the Mudcat Worldwide Singaround
Songs, recitations, poems and stories from the Mudcat Worldwide Zoom Singaround 9 January 2023, in the order in which they were presented. Comments and corrections always welcome.

John Ball
Penny for the Ploughboys
The Ballad of Cosmo McGrew (poem)
The Abandoned Coffee Cream
The Time_Ts are a-Changing (ttto The Times They Are a-Changin')
The Water is Wide
The Asteroid Light (ttto The Eddystone Light)
Perqué m'an pas dit (in Occitan)
Do You Sing Any Dylan? (recited)
Battle of New Orleans
Song of the Weather
Eggs and Marrowbones (aka The Old Woman from Wexford; Wikipedia and mainlynorfolk give a dozen other titles)
Cottonwood Canyon
Things Have Changed
McBryde-Argyle Station
Lowlands of Holland
Baby Rose
The Cold Within
A Cold Wind
The Coming of the Roads
Mean Old Bedbug Blues
It's Up to Us
(I Dreamed there were) Unicorns
Drive the Cold Winter Away
Lady Franklin's Lament (aka Lord Franklin)
Friends I've Made
The Month of January (aka In the Month of January, 'Twas in the Month of January, It was in the Month of January)
Hearth and Fire
Smeòrach Chlann Dòmhnaill (in Scots Gaelic)
The Farmer's Carol
Feels So Near
It's Too Late
Deportee (aka Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)
Rip Van Winkle
Tyranny (poem)
The Ladies of the January Army
The Writing of Tipperary
Simple Gifts
Shelf Raiders in the Store (ttto Ghost Riders in the Sky)
The Three Little Piggs, Revised (story)
The January June
If I had a Hammer (aka The Hammer Song)
Bring Flowers
Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart
Follow the Heron Home
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Daddy, What's a Brain? (ttto Daddy, What's a Train?)
Come See the Boys Go Round
The Rose of the San Joaquin (refers to, and same tune as, Tramps and Hawkers)
Fisherman's Luck
Price Tag
Someday Soon
I Would I Were
Drip Drop
Free and Easy for to Jog Along
Chì Mi'n Geamhradh (in Scots Gaelic)
Out in the Catskill Mountains (ttto Big Rock Candy Mountain)
Six Thousand Miles
Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears
Dead Presidents
Bright New Year
Mary Ann
Hymn Song