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Posted By: Joe Offer
16-Jan-23 - 11:28 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: January Man (Dave Goulder)
Subject: RE: Lyr ADD: January Woman (Elizabeth Block)
And of course, Elizabeth has a parody that she sent in:

(Elizabeth Block)

The January woman takes the tree down to the curb, stripped of its tinsel
The February woman shovels snow from off the path to her neighbour's door
The woman of March she sends away
For seeds that she will plant some day
When winter's finally over

The April woman takes her muddy boots off so she will not stain the carpet
The woman of May looks through binocs, watching the birds and listening to their songs
The woman of June, her washing done
Hangs it up so wind and sun
Can leave it dry and fragrant

The woman of July, she swims and paddles her canoe into the evening
The August woman sits outside, in sunglasses and hat, and reads a book
It's time, September woman knows
To put away her summer clothes
For days are getting shorter

The woman of October walks the woods to see the leaves in autumn colours
The woman of November gets out toque and mittens, down coat, winter boots
December woman checks her list
In case there's someone she has missed
Then goes out holiday shopping

And the January woman gathers up the wrapping paper for recycling
She stirs upon the stove a pot of hearty soup to chase away the chill
That spring will come again, she knows
And looking through the winter's snows
She sees the buds unfurling