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Posted By: Joe Offer
17-Jan-23 - 12:57 AM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: January Man (Dave Goulder)
Subject: RE: Lyr ADD: January Man (Dave Goulder)
And then, of course, there is The January June, by Les Barker.

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Posted By: Wolfgang
20-Jan-99 - 03:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The January June (parody by Les Barker)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE JANUARY JUNE (Les Barker)^^

Here's the lyrics to a Les Barker gem, but if you really want to enjoy it, hear June Tabor singing it on "Gnus and Roses" Mrs. Ackroyd records DOG 010 ( click here to find more information or to buy it)


words: Les Barker (tune: January man)

The January June she walks abroad
in sombre mood and boots of leather,
The February June she sings a song
About a pigeon getting lost.
The June of March may briefly smile,
But only for a little while;
It's good to get it over.

In April, it's the Easter Tree;
This June's degree's in misery; a master's;
In May the June of May may say
The June of June is due this afternoon.
Too soon the June of June's come true
To do as June Junes used to do;
Les Barker, you're a bastard.

In July, the July June she hums a tune
Of being poor and getting thinner.
The June of August takes the road
To watch the sea for sinking ships;
September June, she may be poor-,
But not so hungry any more;
Pigeon pie for dinner.

The June of new October's wearing black
And takes a sad song from her folder-,
With glee, November June sings fire and mist
And wind and rain and winter gale.
December June walks through the snow
To let a lot of dachshunds know
It can't get any colder.

And the January June comes round again
In sombre mood and boots of leather,
And inwardly, she fears maybe the year
Will reappear for evermore.
The January June suggests
That if you want to make requests
Don't ask for this one; ever. ^^