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Posted By: Donuel
17-Jan-23 - 12:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: KISS keep it simple
Subject: RE: BS: KISS keep it simple
Just a response to your (contribution)

Now back to cosmology:
The very small does reflect the random potential
and luck in life but little else. The universe at large has many more similarities to life and anthropomorphic comparisons.
Earth rotates once every 24 hours lately, It used to be faster.
Venus rotates so slowly its day is slower than its year.
Life on Earth has adjusted itself to the 24 hour schedule and even to its slower seasons. The Universe resembles the concepts of time we do on a very strange way. The early embryonic universe saw no light like we do then the age of light began. In a very long time, the starlight will fade to darkness leaving only black holes. It is one very long day in the light but darkness will return when the stars run out out of fuel and black holes eat most of the remnants. What comes after that may be a quantum event that begins a new big bang but we don't really know. Somewhere there is the oldest black hole and we don't yet know what or how it formed, but its there. It is like finding our first grey hair a sign of our impending death. Other anthropomorphic comparisons can be made even between gravity and new creation. Eary man has been making these comparisons for a long time. Many religious texts explore these.
Today we are asking the web telescope to answer more of our questions.