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Thread Name: Any January Songs?
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In the UK the Old Age Pensions Act was passed in August 1908 and the first payments were made on 1 January 1909.
David Lloyd George, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in the government led by Herbert Asquith, made a speech warning that if the Liberal Party did not pass radical legislation, the working-class would vote for the Labour Party at the next election.

Old-Age Pensions Act 1908 from Wikipedia

Old Age Pensions Act 1908 from

"LLOYD GEORGE" , recording by Richard Wastling on The Yorkshire Garland Site

Well Ah'd walk from 'ere to Skipton,
Ten mile o' clarty lane, (clarty=muddy)
If Ah could see 'im face to face
Ah'd thank 'im for 'is pain.

Cos 'E took me out o' t' work'ouse
An' 'e gives me life that's free,
Five shillin' a week for cheatin' death,
That's what Lloyd George gives me.

Well 'e gives me leet an' firin' (=lighting and heating costs)
An' flour to bake me bread
An' tea to mash me every meal
An' sup until Ah'm dead,
An' Ah've nowt to do but thank 'im
An' mek a cross wi' t' pen,
Five shillin' a week for nowt but that,
Aye, 'e's the best of men.

Well Ah don't know much about politics,
But Ah do love that lord,
For 'e spends 'is money like a king When other folks is lowered,
An' Ah know lots of owd fellers
Who are past their seventieth year,
Lloyd George 'e addles brass for them
To buy a sup o' beer.

Well if my owd man were 'ere today
'E'd say that Ah spock true,
Though 'e never liked them Liberal lot An' 'e allus voted blue.
But parson's wife she telt me
That soon we're goin' to t' poll; Well Ah 'ope she's reet, Ah'll vote for 'im
With all me 'eart an' soul.

Well Ah don't know where 'e comes from
'Appen it's down Leeds way,
But every neet an' mornin'
For 'is long life Ah'll pray.
'Cos 'e took me etc…

” Lord George”: The originating poem by F W Moorman from all