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Posted By: Donuel
19-Jan-23 - 01:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: KISS keep it simple
Subject: RE: BS: KISS keep it simple
Such is the irreconcilable differences between the past fact-based mind and the ironic mind, the linear mind and the dimensional mind. We know a bird flies best with two wings than one.

Socrates did not leave any writing but lets pretend he did exist.
He supposedly said an educated mind knows how little it knows.
Today the human species knows less and less about more and more of the universe. Quantum mechanics can measure more of the tiny but we don't know why it does, We have tools to change DNA yet we don't know where we can reliably cut and paste to cure disease however using half of it (RNA) we have made some great new vaccines, cosmology is in a quandary about galaxy formation black holes and inflation etc. We are doing better than superstition mysticism and the supernatural but there is even more we don't know with our new scientific discoveries. I expect that the questions about nothingness will reveal many mysteries such as zero point energy and other concepts yet unknown or misunderstood.