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22-Jan-23 - 08:56 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Old Mother Crawley
Subject: ADD: Old Mother Crawley
Old Mother Crawley - Geo. Lovett, Winchester.


Oh, come all you young seaman, I’d have you beware
Of Old Mother Crawley I’d have you take care.
Of old mother Rogers so call-ed by name
She goes a bum boating that noted fine game

- And sing too-ral-li-day, rite-too-ral-lay
- Rite-roo-ral-lad-dy, rite too-ral-li-day

Our ship has arrived brought up in the sound
The Tailors & the bumboats they all flock around
Alongside comes Mother Crawley with her bumboat of store
You’re welcome my children to Plymouth once more.

She hands up the soft tack & butter also
And what else is wanted straightforward she’ll go
There’s soft tack, there’s butter, there’s sugar, there’s tea
I know you young lads have been looking for me.

Soft tack is two shillings and butter is four
Two pounds of sausages 5 shillings more
Six eggs fourteen pence come boys (be quick,) for I’m thronged
Which makes twelve & tuppence, so Jack jog along.

Early next morning on the quarterdeck she appears
Pity kind gentle folks both far & near
Your men owes me money you see by this paper
They’ll pay the girls first, they swear all by their maker.

And as for you boatswain, I’m pretty well sure
You’ll settle with me first & pay off your score
For it’s this I will promise & that I will do
They are far better slops than you get from the Jew. (Few?)

Our ship shes got orders for Bounty Bay
The girls & the bumboats must all lose their pay
Our anchor’s apeak, our ship she’s wore round
Farewell Mother Crawley, likewise Plymouth Sound.

If ever we live to see Plymouth once more
We’ll make Mother Crawley’s house for to roar
We’ll sweat her gin bottle as we’ve oft done before
Maintopsail be with Mr. Fore pay the score.

According to Purslow - Lovett’s repertoire consisted entirely of Irish songs!
- although this one is an exception!?!?!?! And is unique?