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Posted By: robomatic
23-Jan-23 - 06:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: all airlines grounded in US
Subject: RE: BS: all airlines grounded in US
As far as different tech goes, a lot of analog stuff holds on longer than we suspect, as well as many modern digital tech lasts far less than we hope.
Also the reference to planned obsolescence or long planned error introduction / failure is definitely in the tool box of the cyber warrior.

I heard a story that is way before STUXNET. I don't know where it is to be found documented, but I personally believe it happened. In the days of the chilly war, the Russian far east either stole or obtained the microprocessor pattern for a specialized valve control design for controlling some remote pipelines. In plain words they obtained a sophisticated remote controller chip way ahead of their technology. Americans learned of the subterfuge before it actually took place and enabled that an American design got subbed in place. At a time of maximum disruption this controller went badly awry and caused a deal of environmental damage. While I do believe it happened, the details are unknown. I've collected snippets and stories like this over many years. Some of them are far more unpleasant.

Motivations for this are as old as information passing. They start with preventing bad actors, but everyone is a bad actor to some other actor. King David had Uriah carry the message to the front that ensured his own death. Hamlet dealt with Rosencranz and Guildenstern in a similar manner.