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Posted By: Donuel
27-Jan-23 - 01:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: KISS keep it simple
Subject: RE: BS: This shit ain't simple
Most of you have heard that a search for quantum gravity has been unsuccessful. I theorize that relativity and quantum mechanics are already linked but trying to quantize gravity is the wrong approach.
They are already linked with wormholes and quantum entanglement. What I believe is really missing are dimensions we can't see.
I have seen other dimensions ( I think )when two nebulous globes passed through brick walls. Only me and my cat saw them. The other dimension could be a torus intruding in 3D space and not 2 globes. For example, in
a two-dimensional space, a globe passing through would look like a small circle getting bigger and then smaller. If space had a shape like a helix a straight line would not be the shortest route between 2 points but a spiral would. All orbits form a helix in time and of course, there is even DNA. The 3-D space we see is flat but higher dimensions probably curve.

So my ideas about space is about geometries we can't see. The dimensions we are used to can be stacked up to form the next higher dimension. Stack two dimensions up to get After time, the 5th dimension becomes very difficult to visualize unless you think of
displacement as a key. It is easy to think I am crazy but Brian Greene is starting to consider my way of thinking.
Brian Greene

My idea about black holes creating a singularity that forms a wormhole and then generates space from mass and energy is unique but even Penrose shows how black holes transmutes mass into space time.