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Posted By: Steve Parkes
13-Mar-01 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: finger picking and yer nails
Subject: RE: finger picking and yer nails
Like a lot of people, I have trouble with fingerpicks, but my own nails aren't strong enough to make the kind of volume a pick makes. I find fingerpicks difficult to control: they tend to slip off the string before I'm ready.

Last night I had a brainwave. I took my metal thumb/fingerpicks and used a pair of pliers to bend up the last 1mm of the tip (if you're American, you can bend up the last 1/32"!) a teeny bit; with a bit of trial and error, I got them so they just catch on the string, so I have to pull deliberately -- like with a fingernail -- to pluck the string. It works! (Not fir strumming, though.)

Now everyone will be able to hear just what a crap guitarist I am, and I'll have no excuse for not practicing! I wish I'd thought of this wen I started playing in the sixties: I could have been another Jansch or Rembourne by now ...