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Posted By: Donuel
24-Feb-23 - 06:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: when you don't have electricity - NZ
Subject: RE: BS: when you don't have electricity - NZ
What i do first thing is have a cup of coffee in my electric coffee maker by boiling water on the gas stove and pouring it in the drip coffee machine. Meanwhile I have an inverter hooked up to the car to power a few lights, fridge and furnace heating blower. (an air conditioner is too much for an inverter) For air you need a 1000 watt generator. A car idling uses very little gas but having 30 gallons of gas on hand is a good idea.

India has declared a state of emergency due to blackouts.

Did I mention all the heavy duty extension cords of 50 feet or more?

Cook and refrigerate as much freezer food as possible.
Fill bathtubs just in case. Remember a water heater is an emergency source of water.

If you have none of these precautions in place you are SOOL.