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Posted By: Donuel
03-Mar-23 - 05:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: Lingering Head Cold...
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People who eat bananas appeal to mosquitos. COs is a magnet to mosquitos.
Steve quote   "Not personal, eh, so what's this then:

"Jet engines are 100 decibels so you are indeed a blow hard at 130.
(that was a joke similar to yours)

Ah its getting late, the sun will soon be up and my procrastination posting time is running out. You on the other hand have all day to protest too much.

That's as personal as it gets. Now either shut up or stick..Steve quote

Dear Mr. Shaw,
It's not personal, it is business. It is the business of Authoritarianism or the authoritarian personality. One must always remember that the bully suffers such low self esteem/worth that they gain some small satisfaction by trying to take others down to the hellish level of the bully's tortured soul. It is not a delusion of grandeur that drives the bully. It is a self-hatred and envy that poisons their words and actions.

The ammunition of the bully is personified by the Trump rhetoric.
The name calling, accusations, nicknames and the claims of massive evidence that doesn't exist are the small arms weapons of the bully.
The heavy arms and armor are lawsuits and ability to cause harm financially as well as socially.

The spectrum of this pathological behavior ranges from those who believe it is expected of them to the Stalin-Hitler examples.

One might think that the social psychopath causes more destruction but in terms of quantity, destructive interaction mostly comes from the tortured envy of the narcissist. Psychopathic or psychotic serial killers are far more rare phenomenon.

Taking any of narcissist's bile to heart is a victory for them.
In the larger scheme of sticks and stones a bully is a force of nature like a fart in the wind,
If you have the sniffles you won't even smell it.