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Posted By: RTim
05-Mar-23 - 10:48 AM
Thread Name: Any June Songs?
Subject: RE: Any June Songs?
ROSE IN JUNE. or Love in June.
(Via Bob Copper & Alfred Williams)
I’ll harness my horses & follow the plough
While darling Miss Catherine is milking her cow.

So let it come early late or soon
I will enjoy my love in June.

Oh love I will carry thy sweet milking pail
Oh love I will kiss you at every stile.

Oh the roses are red & the violets are blue
Carnations are sweet love & so are you.

‘Twas Down in the valley, the valley so sweet
I will pick some plain roses to keep my love sweet.

Oh I’ll go and cut down that old myrtle tree
And build up a bower for my Catherine and me.

Tim Radford (I recorded on my CD - Home From Home)

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