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CECILA (Occitan)
Yves Rouquette (1936-2015) / Trad.

Cecila aviás vint ans en 1907 (x2)
Alavetz se levava nòstre pòble de muts
Per Narbona passavas, t’an tirat dessús

Cecila èra a Narbona en 1907 (x2)
Quand ton pòble s’acampa cossí èsser en lòc pus
De Cuxac arribavas, t’an tirat dessús

Es Carrièra del Pont en 1907 (x2)
Que de morre tombères amb quatre companhons
Caliá de sang al Tigre per matar vinhairons

Un ataüt de pèiras en 1907 (x2)
Los Narbonés faguèron, velhèron a l’entorn
Tres jorns òmes e femnas e los enfants pichons

Demandàvem de pan en 1907 (x2)
Es de plomb que donèron. "Nosaus governem-nos!"
Disián al cementèri los òmes en corroç

E res non a cambiat dempuèi 1907 (x2)
Ni pel sang de Cecila, ni pels crits de Ferroul
Son d’autres que nos govèrnan de son argent totjorn

Ni pel sang de Cecila en 1907
Ni pels crits de Ferroul en 1907
Los parla-plan barjacan e viram en redond
Al Païs d’Occitania, los òmes onte son ?

Cecile, you were 20 in 1907 (x2)
It was then that our dumb people arose
You passed by in Narbonne, they shot you

Cecile was in Narbonne in 1907 (x2)
When your people gather, how to be elsewhere?
From Cuxac you arrived, they shot you

It is in the Rue du Pont* in 1907 (x2)
That you fell on your face with four companions
The Tiger** needed blood to subdue the winegrowers

A coffin of stones in 1907 (x2)
The Narbonne people made, they held the wake around you
For three days, men and women and small children

We were asking for bread in 1907
They gave [us] lead. "Let's govern by ourselves! »
Were the angry men saying in the cemetery

And nothing has changed since 1907
Despite Cecile's blood, despite Ferroul's yelling
Others still rule over us by their money

Despite Cecile's blood in 1907
Despite Ferroul's yelling in 1907
The smooth-talkers prattle on and we go around in circles.
In the land of Occitania, where are the men?
* lit. "Bridge Street"
** Nickname of Georges Clémenceau, France prime minister from 1906 to 1909.

This song tells the story of Cécile Bourrel, a 20 year old girl who'd gone to Narbonne market in June 1907 during the winegrowers revolt and was shot by a stray bullet.
Postcard showing the tumulus Narbonne people built where she and a few others fell during the shooting.
Postcard showing her funeral.

To know more about the revolt of the Languedoc winegrowers in 1907, Wiki article

1975 recording by Maria Roanet (in French Marie Rouanet, Yves Rouquette's wife -now widow)

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