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Posted By: Steve Shaw
07-Mar-23 - 11:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: What's in a (cheesy) name?
Subject: RE: BS: What's in a (cheesy) name?
If you buy Morrisons "The Best" Wensleydale you're getting very nice cheese, the best thing for a cheese and tomato butty. I tried the Buttertubs from the Hawes creamery and was severely underwhelmed. I mean, there's citrussy and there's citrussy....

Mrs Appleby's is a superb Cheshire, a far cry from those salty, crumbly jobs you find everywhere. It's made with unpasteurised milk, always something to look out for. Another gorgeous raw milk cheese is Kirkham's Lancashire. I don't mind a bit of crumble every now and then but I know what you mean. Kirkham's gives you the best of both words, creamy and a bit crumbly!

I'm no little Englander when it comes to cheese. I love Gruyère (hence my initial ire in this thread), Vallage triple, Montagnolo d'affine and St Agur. There's nowt better than some taleggio melted on to slow-fried potato slices in olive oil, or gorgonzola piccante mashed into a jacket potato. And a fridge without a lump of mozzarella lurking therein is a pub with no beer...