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Posted By: Donuel
09-Mar-23 - 08:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: We are all electric
Subject: BS: We are all electric
When you cut yourself or break a bone a strong electric field appears at the site of the injury and dissipates as healing goes on. It is measurable and bones have long been known to heal faster in an added electric field.
Hold onto your hats, we are going beyond DNA. There is no spacial information in DNA so where do our forms and features come from and where are they encoded?
We are electric and our shape is formed with an electric template. Every cell in our bodies—bones, skin, nerves, muscle—has a voltage, like a tiny battery. It is the reason our brain can send signals to the rest of our body, how we develop in the womb, and why our body knows to heal itself from injury. When bioelectricity goes awry, illness, deformity, and cancer can result. But if we can control or correct this bioelectricity, the implications for our health are remarkable: an undo switch for cancer that could flip malignant cells back into healthy ones; the ability to regenerate cells, organs, even limbs; to slow aging and so much more. The next scientific frontier might be decrypting the bioelectric code, much the way we did the genetic code. Right now we can alter the electric field in a tadpole and grow an eyeball on the frog's butt. Imagine having an eye in the hollow at the back of your upper neck/lower skull and having an eye on the back of your head :-}

Yet the field is still emerging from two centuries of skepticism and entanglement with medical quackery, all stemming from an 18th-century scientific war about the nature of electricity between Luigi Galvani (father of bioelectricity, famous for shocking frogs) and Alessandro Volta (inventor of the battery).

In We Are Electric, award-winning science writer Sally Adee takes readers through the thrilling history of bioelectricity and into the future: from the Victorian medical charlatans claiming to use electricity to cure everything from paralysis to diarrhea, to the advances helped along by the giant axons of squids, and finally to the brain implants and electric drugs that await us—and the moral implications therein.