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Posted By: Felipa
12-Mar-23 - 07:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Woods of Drumboe / Woods of Drumbo
Subject: Lyt Add: the Castle of Drumboe

The midnight hags are shrieking 'round, the castle of Drumboe
While patriot blood is flowing red, in the sodden soil below
Their crime that they had left their home, for to fight a foreign foe
And by Irish hands they were murdered in, the caste of Drumboe

From Cork and Kerry homes they came, from Munster green and fair
To fight the bloodstained Black and Tans, and to dare what men may dare
Black treachery betrayed them, then informers rot their woe
Ireland you have murdered them, in the castle of Drumboe

You have sold the past for England’s gold, sold many the pass and gorge
You have cringed to Orange Carson, and you've knelt to English George
Even borrowed English armoury, your country to overthrow
And you murdered Ireland's fighting men, in the castle of Drumboe

recordings currently on youtube:
sung by Dominic Behan
sung by Fee McGorman