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Thread Name: Origins: Sourwood Mountain origins?
Subject: RE: Origins: Sourwood Mountain origins?
John Fox Jr. (1862–1919)

“….and then he veered to something lively, singing words that she could barely hear:

        Chickens a-crowin' on Sourwood Mountain,
        Git yo' dogs an' wwe'll go huntin',

It had the darky's rhythm and the darky's way of dropping into the minor on the third line, while the swing of the last was like the far-away winding of a horn, and it was to ring in her ears for years to come….”
[Fox, The Kentuckians, Pt.II, Harper's New Monthly, Vol. XCV, No. DLXV, June, 1897, p.360]

“Fact is stranger, Abe Shivers had got Jeb a leetle disguised by liquer, an' he did look fat an' sassy, ef he couldn't talk, a-settin' over in the corner a-plinkin' the banjer an' a-knockin' off “Sour-wood Mountain” an' “Jinny git aroun'” an' “Soapsuds over the Fence.”

“Chickens a-crown' on Sour-wood Mountain,
Git yo' dawgs an' we'll go huntin',

An' when Jeb comes to

“I've got a gal at the head o' the holler,

he jes turns one eye 'round on Polly ann, an' then swings his chin aroun' as though he didn't give a cuss fer nothin'.

“She won't come, an' I won't foller,
[Hell Fer Sartain, Fox, 1897]