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Thread Name: Origins: How old is the song 'Cripple Creek'?
Subject: RE: Origins: How old is the song 'Cripple Creek'?
Two years later:

The Banjo and the Loom
THUMP-chug-a-tinkle-tang, tump-a-tinkle tine!
        Listen at the banjo and the loom;
Banjo keeps a-pickin' in the shadow o' the vine,
        Batten keeps a-thudden' th'ough the room.
Cabin in the sunshine –– chug-a plunk-a pling!
Mocker in the sarvice-bush –– listen at him sing!
“Possum up a 'simmon-tree,” here the music ring
        Out across the meadows all in bloom!
Says the loom to the banjo: Thump-a, chunk-a-choo!
You lazy, good-for-nothin' scamp!
My head's a-swimmin' with the work I 've got to do,
My back 's a-th'obbin' with a cramp.
Goin' up Cripple Creek, layin' in the shade,
Waitin' for the money that the old man made––
Nary hill o' 'taters hoed, and your ax has laid
More 'n a week a-rustin' in the damp!”

Banjo keeps a-twangin' clear: “Time, oh, keep-a time!
        What's the good o' harkin' from the tomb?
I can set you dancin' to a ringin' rip o' rhyme;
        I can always chase away the gloom.
'Way down yander, where they plant a heap o' truck,
Sleepin' in the corn-pile, covered with a shuck––
Oh, it 's I am young forever, and forever I'm in luck!
Whoop!” says the banjo to the loom.
                                Emma Bell Miles.
[In Lighter Vein, Scribner's Monthly, an Illustrated Magazine for the People, Vol.74, 1907]