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Posted By: Steve Shaw
16-Mar-23 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: We are all electric
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Recent advances in the effects of microwave radiation on brains

Wei-Jia Zhi, Li-Feng Wang & Xiang-Jun Hu
Military Medical Research volume 4, Article number: 29 (2017)

[Long article looking at this in-depth and with plenty of references: here's the conclusion]:


With the popularity of microwave technology, microwave effects on the human body have become a common topic of concern, and the central nervous system is recognized as a target organ system that is sensitive to microwave radiation. However, to date, with the exception of high-power microwave radiation, which has widely established hazardous effects, the biological effects of microwaves remain controversial. In epidemiology, there is no conclusive evidence showing that microwaves have carcinogenic effects. Concurrently, the discovery that microwaves have positive biological effects has presented new challenges for research and applications in this field. The results of EEG and analyses of the structure of the brain after radiation have also confirmed the influence of microwaves. Studies have extensively explored the underlying mechanisms by which microwaves influence learning and memory functions, especially synaptic structures and functions, oxidative stress and apoptosis, protein synthesis, genes and individual susceptibility and energy metabolism. Previous studies have produced a large amount of information, and some progress has been made in theory, but the mechanisms have not yet been fully determined, and many points are still disputed. The largest problem in these studies is that they used different parameters, such as the frequency, modulation, power density and irradiation time, to apply microwave radiation, in addition to using a variety of research methods. Therefore, their reproducibility and comparability are poor. To determine the precise dose-effect relationship between microwave radiation and its biological effects, further detailed studies must be performed.

In light of this you may wish to revisit your rather garbled post.