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Ottilie Patterson, Comber Lass


Towards the end of 1958 Ottilie had a notion to make an album of her own with some of her Irish friends. She had this to say at the time: "Some bright comedian once said that there were no Irish people left in Ireland anymore, that they were all abroad singing about it. While not actually true, such a statement is very near the truth, for after four years as a singer with Chris Barber's Jazz Band I myself began to feel the pull of "The Oul' Country". I just wanted to forgot jazz and city life for a while. and nave the pleasure of singing a few of the old songs that all Irish people like to sing when they get together, and also to sing one or two which might all too soon be forgotten."

          To enable her to make this record she sought the help of George Boyd back in Newtownards. "Ottilie was looking for a drummer and an accordionist. Although I was learning drums with the CLB Band I didn't think I was good enough. However, I did manage to get two musicians from Holywood, Norman Connor and Martin Fitzsimmons who went across to London." The LP was called Ottilie's Irish Night which includes such numbers as Hello Patsy Fagan, Inniskilling Dragoon and The Oul' Lammas Fair. George is pleased that his name is credited on the sieve of the LP.

          George Boyd of Glenbrook Road. Newtownards doesn't hand out musical plaudits readily However, make mention of Ottilie Patterson and the knowledgeable follower of traditional jazz music will credit her as having been one of the best in the business. "For me she was the epitome of female singers of her era. and her deep voice also enhanced the Barber Band to make a really good outfit."

These remarks arc borne out in a 1955 edition of the musical magazine Melody Maker which describes Ottilie as Britain's Bessie Smith (the great American blues singer who died following a road accident in 1937). while no less a person as Louis Armstrong is quoted as saying; "That gal puts me in min' of Bessie Smith."