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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
19-Mar-23 - 11:39 AM
Thread Name: DECLUTTER * Health/Home Ecologic-Innovation *2023
Subject: RE: DECLUTTER * Health/Home Ecologic-Innovation *2023
Charmion, I hope your performance at church goes well - it sounded like you were short-handed when you reported earlier in the week.

My calendar project resulted in 20 years' worth of PDF files, from the mid-1980s to 2008. I may have more old ones tucked away and I'll do this same routine if I find them. For any lurkers thinking about doing this same kind of information preservation project, I used my big Canon EOS camera to take the photos (lit from the side by a bright LED 5000K daylight light, no flash), then loaded them into a computer file using Adobe Bridge, that in turn opened them in Lightroom to straighten and crop off edges. I didn't fool around adjusting lighting, they're all readable and that's all I needed. I saved them with the year's name and type of calendar (Wilderness, generic wall calendar, etc.), then from Bridge, opened Photoshop's batch tool to size each month image all the same. If you make a PDF with various widths files it looks odd, so I moused over the list of photos to determine the smallest and used that smallest width to adjust all files down to that size. It takes very little time to do this. Open Adobe Acrobat and click to Combine files into a single PDF. Drag and drop the files from their folder into that Adobe form, be sure they're the correct order, and then name it after you create that PDF.

All but one of those calendars are in the recycle bin.

I have to do garden work but I also have to do my income taxes. Today is another cool one so I'd be better off finishing the taxes so I can take advantage of warmer weather mid-week.

Good luck getting the kiln fixed during your absence, Dorothy! Up and ready to go when you return gives you something to look forward to.