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Posted By: Helen
19-Mar-23 - 03:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump INDICTED (NO new Trmp threads) 2
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Actions/Effects (NO new Trmp threads) 2
Sorry Backwoodsman, I should have said "Messiah" and not just Messiah. I did say the Anti-Christ in my post at 18 Mar 23 - 03:58 PM.

Also, I think it was on ABC News but it might have been PBS News. The Christians might not have actually been touching him. Maybe they were just holding their hands a little bit away from him, sending him the Christian energy to help him in his "mission" - whatever they thought THAT might be.

I also keep thinking about how surprised a lot of his followers were when, a) they found out COVID was real and dangerous, and b) they found out that the attack on the Capitol was in fact a life-threatening attack.