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Posted By: Donuel
27-Mar-23 - 08:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump INDICTED (NO new Trmp threads) 2
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Actions/Effects (NO new Trmp threads) 2
Big Al you've asked this before, and I answered that fellow racists and bigots see Trump as their spokesperson. Number 2 Conspiracy groups are believers for anything and finally, half of Americans read at a 6th grade level.

Trump puts his hand on his heart and stands at attention to the Qanon theme song. I expect to eventually see his new version of the American flag which will look like a hybrid of the confederate battle flag and the former South African flag.

He would need another miracle like the November surprise) FBI Comey investigation of Hillary right before voting day, but bigger, since Trump has an amazing shrinking base.

Isreal is shut down today because of protests against Netanyahu trying to abolish the judiciary. Democracies are messy and slow to respond but they do finally respond.