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Posted By: Donuel
30-Mar-23 - 06:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: KISS keep it simple
Subject: RE: BS: KISS keep it simple
There is no question that life is complex but the alphabet of DNA is as simple as the 4 GTCA. The four forces of the universe are the strong nuclear force that confounded Einstein, the weak nuclear force, the electromagnetic force that Maxwell showed was a symmetry between magnetism and electricity and finally Gravity as a pushing force (not a pulling force).

The biggest release of energy in the Universe happens when two Super Massive Black Holes merge from gravity. The waves produced are so huge that each wave is about 15 years apart and the energy released is more than all of the shining stars in the universe. We can see the wave coming when it warps and twists visible Pulsars that are between the explosion and Earth. The energy release is 5% of the energy in both SMBHs but is so huge that there is no way to make a comparison in a way the human mind can imagine.

PS re: the distractors, A Band-Aid for damaged genesfor
People with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, referred to as DMD, have various mutations in the body’s largest gene, dystrophin, which is a protein that cells need to stay intact. Dystrophin has 79 sections, or exons. If even one is missing, the body cannot produce dystrophin and the muscles degenerate.

There is no cure for DMD, but a new class of drugs called antisense oligonucleotides uses an approach called “exon skipping,” which acts like a Band-Aid over the missing exons so the body can skip over the damaged instructions and produce the protein needed to rebuild muscle tissue. Now a new gene therapy break through can correct for the specific missing gene. The explanation is possibly too complex to explain here so I will continue to liberally use the word cure despite the objector. When the results are published I'm sure he will not apologize or relent.