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Posted By: Donuel
30-Mar-23 - 07:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: KISS keep it simple
Subject: RE: BS: KISS keep it simple
C) He's crazy, (A7) He's manic de(Dm)pressive (A7)and (Dm) angry
He's (G7) crazy, paranoid, schizoid and (C) rude (C#dim ) and (Dm) violent (G7)
They (C) gave him(A7) some kind of new medi(Dm)cation (A7) (Dm)
And (G7) lately I think he's murderous (C) too. (F) (C) (C7)

(F) Bat shit crazy(C) (C7)
(C#7) And (D7) lately I wonder what he's going to do (G7) In (Dm) jail (G7)(spoken) sue?
Cause He's (C) crazy, psy(A7)chotic and lieing de(Dm)pendent, (A7) (Dm)

He's (F) angry ag(Em)gressive, com(Dm)pulsive, ob(A7)sessive
He's long haul (Dm) crazy from (G7) knowing (C) he's(G7) through

(F) Worried? You bet your ass I get (C) worried (B) (C)(B)(C)(C#)
Just (D7) wondering, wondering just what I should (G7) do (Dm) (G7)
'Cause He's (C) crazy, psy(A7)chotic and deeply de(Dm)pendant (A7) (Dm)
He's (F) laughin' and (Em) lyin', patho(Dm)logically (A7) fryin'
He so (Dm) crazy just like (G7) you know (C) who.