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Posted By: Donuel
01-Apr-23 - 01:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: KISS keep it simple
Subject: RE: BS: KISS keep it simple
Judging me is pretty far off-topic but it makes certain people feel good I suppose. Symmetry is the universal clue to answering many problems, relates to fractal chaos theory, and all around is fundamental to beauty in our mind's eye. Everything that works for me won't work for others who have not had weekly migraines, dyslexic properties and all the other dissimilar experiences in life. It's the old example of nature and nurture. As for Ali, the measure of his craft is equal to the ethics of being a good human being, something that is rare except for the most remarkable people.   Also sport is one of the obvious and few endeavors that are mostly meritorious and not a subjective judgment.