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Posted By: Holly Tannen
13-Apr-23 - 11:11 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Songs of the Ancient Matriarch (Holly Tannen)
Subject: ADD: Eat Your Triceratops
Eat Your Triceratops         

A visionary young Tyrannosaur argues with his exasperated mother.

“Mama, Mama,” said Tiny T,
“See the plesiosaur in the sea!
I want to dive and I want to swim,”
“You’d sink to the bottom,” said his Mom to him.

“Mama, Mama,” little Tiny cried,
“See the microraptor leap and glide!
I’m gonna go climb up that tree,”
“You'll stay right here on the ground with me.”

“Mama, Mama, I’m sick of meat
Why can’t I have something sweet?”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” his mother said
“Eat your triceratops and go to bed.”

“Mama Mama, I want to fly!
Like a pterosaur in the sky,
Soaring on the warm air, grand and calm.”
“Forget about it,” said his Mom.

“Tiny, Tiny, you’re a cute little tot
But you can’t be something you are not.
I’m tired of your whining and your tears.
You couldn’t fly in a million years.”