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Posted By: Steve Shaw
06-May-23 - 06:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Coronation
Subject: RE: BS: The Coronation
Well, old chap, my views are what they are and, as an independent-minded sort of chap, I tend not to take too much notice of facts and figures chucked at me about what other people think (I do listen carefully to individual arguments, a different thing altogether). However, I think you know all too well that your ten per cent/one percent claims are complete rubbish. I honestly can't be arsed to research numbers simply because you came out with that vacuous nonsense, but what I do know is that the vast majority of young people have little time for the royals and that you'd struggle to show that the royals have anything like an enthusiastic majority of followers in this country. I don't claim a consensus and never have, nor do I claim to speak for Brits on the whole. Of course, you are completely at liberty to challenge anything I've said about the royals' palaces, wealth or tax avoidance. Be aware that I tend to do my homework before posting, even though I rely very little on links.