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Posted By: Joe Offer
08-Jul-23 - 03:35 AM
Thread Name: ADD songs by Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
Subject: ADD: Gypsy Rose (Dave Carter)
(Dave Carter)

my love is like a gypsy rose
wild is the only way he grows
out where the sweet july wind blows
he blooms over yonder

his voice is like a mountain stream
washes me clear, washes me clean
i walk along the banks serene
where he will wander

there is no hill high as the moon, no river deeper than the sea
no shooting star, reckless in flight, burns in the night
wild as the love he gave to me
only the rain knows where he goes
thunder and me, ramblin with my gypsy rose

and on the day we were wed
up to the altar he was led
lay like a prisoner in my bed
oh, how we shivered

so i built a house to keep him in
guarded him from the sun and wind
but in the autumn he grew thin
in winter, he withered

there is no hill ...

my love was buried in the spring
i see his face in blossoming things
one night i thought i heard him sing
down in the hollow

now it's been thirty years and three
every night he calls to me
and for as long as i shall be
i know i'll follow

there is no hill ...
from Little Blue Egg, released February 14, 2012

Tracy Grammer recording:

Studio recording:

Dave Carter recording:

Tracy Grammer's Gypsy Rose (aka: 'Gypsy Down'):

The lyrics below are the ones most often found on the Internet, attributed to Dave Carter. Don't know how they fit into the history of the song.

(Dave Carter)

We were very happy, well at least I thought we were
Can't somebody tell me what's got into her
A house, a home, a family, and a man that loves her so
Who'd believe she'd leave us to join a burlesque show

Say has anybody seen my sweet Gypsy Rose
Here's her picture when she was my sweet Mary Jo
Now she's got rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
Say has anybody seen my sweet Gypsy Rose

Oh, I got wind my Jo's been dancin' here in New Orleans
In this smoke-filled honky-tonk they call the Land of Dreams
Whoa, here she comes a-struttin' in her birthday clothes
Say has anybody seen my sweet Gypsy Rose

Whoa, baby, baby, won't you come home
Say, we all miss you and every night we kiss your picture

Whoa Rose, one night the lights go dim and the crowd goes home
That's the day you wake up and you find you're all alone
So let's say goodbye to Gypsy, hello Mary Jo
Say has anybody seen my sweet Gypsy Rose

So take those rings off your fingers and bells off your toes
Say has anybody seen my
Now you know just what I mean by
Has anybody seen my Gypsy Rose

Mystery Solved!!! These lyrics are from "Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose?" They have nothing to do with Dave Carter. Here's the song: