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Posted By: cnd
24-Aug-23 - 12:51 PM
Thread Name: US Highways (fed and state) and songs about them
Subject: RE: US Highways (fed and state) and songs about them
Tyler Childer's song Country Squire makes a reference to US 23, eastern KY's self-appointed "Country Music Highway" (listen)

Well tonight, I'm up in Chillicothe
Down-wind from the paper mill
I’m out here spittin' on the sidewalk
Taking in the factory smells
Head and nose, she tends to smokin' out the window
In the air, that gas pipe leak
I wonder if she’s cringing at the same time
Thinking pretty thoughts of me

I was up for hours this morning
Pulling traps before I said goodbye
I plan to tan myself a fox hide
And hang it on my darling bride
'Cause they tell me that it's gonna be a big one
And the snow is settin' in
And I don't want her cold while I ain't at home
The way that I have been

Spending my nights in a bar room, Lord
Turnin' them songs into two-by-fours
Dreaming 'bout the day that I’m sitting by the fire
Huddled with my honey in the Country Squire

Well tomorrow, we hit the country music highway
On our way to Circleville
We’re off to do some weekend warring
While we sing and drink our fill
And when I ain't out playing on my six-string
With the nickels I acquire
I’m trying to fix her up a castle
It's called the Country Squire

It's a 24-foot-long vessel
That measures eight feet wide
It's a 53-year-old camper
It’s made to pull behind
And I've gutted to the studs and the rafters
And I'm building back piece by piece
I'm trying to fix her up a temple
My Lady of the Estill Springs


One day, I aim to have myself a family
And a cabin on the hill
And I might have to come off of the highway
To help with the family bills
But when the kids have got a little older
On the day that I retire
I'll take her somewhere warm for the winter
Pulling our Country Squire