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28-Aug-23 - 09:46 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Whiskey You're the Divil
Subject: RE: Origins: Whiskey You're the Divil
Let's start again.

I have access to the garland through the Gale ECCO database via my university library.

Your local library may have access too. It's quite a resource: Eighteenth Century Collections Online.

Winstock's song, "The Soldier's FareWELL,"[sic] appears in "Britannia's Garland: Containing Four Excellent New Songs," tentatively identified as "1775?...Newcastle-upon-Tyne?"

My dearest girls we are now amarching,         [sic
Alas, it is a sorrowful parting!
Since no longer you can attend us,
It is past your power now to befriend us.
                           A long farewel.    [sic

The drums are beating to alarm them,         
We wish to stay still in your arms;
But we must go and cross the ocean,
The Americans keep us all in motion,
                           A long farewel.

How happy we've been in this city,
To leave it now we think it a pity;
But our presence is wanted yonder,
Where the cannons roar like thunder.
                           A long farewel.

I think I hear my brother crying,
March, my lads, the colours flying.
Our cause is just, we'll be victorious,
If we're killed our death is glorious.
                            A long farewel.   

Base be the man that this invented,
We with with our states might be contented;
Thousand of lives there are destroy'd,       [sic
Still we'll march in peace and Joy.
                            A long farewel.

But what's the point of these reflections,
To go abroad we've no objections;
We'll serve his Majesty with pleasure,
As we are supported by his treasure.
                            A long farewel.
dear Mothers, weep not for us,                [sic
We're going to fight for Britain's glory;
Our country calls, our courage to display.
The Drums are beating, there's no delay.
                            A long farewel.

Oh our Wives and dearest children,
Still the heavenly powers befriend them!
Still be their guide, and still support them,
Since no longer we can resort them.
                            A long farewel.

Oh, dearest friends, we're going to leave you,
Let not our Absence sore aggrieve you;
When these wars are fairly over,
All these Troubles we'll recover.
                            Farewel till then.

I think the relationship to "Whisky, You're the Devil" is minimal.