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Posted By: Gibb Sahib
16-Sep-23 - 11:04 PM
Thread Name: A.L.Lloyd & Sea Chanties
Subject: RE: A.L.Lloyd & Sea Chanties
>>Neither did the sailors on the Gazela call them "shanties." Their 2400+ year histories and traditions are not about African-Americans, cotton screwers or the Gulf of Mexico.<<

What do "them" and "their" refer to?

>>Reidler<< [sic]

Could you please explain to everyone why you have been pounding on this poor undergraduate thesis-writer (Riedler) for several years, ever since you got a bug in your bonnet about people not discussing Catholic Romance language-speaking flautists? The frequency with which you mention her name seems only slightly behind your mention of "TikTok," "Wellerman," and "Naval Science." Yet, I'm confident that most if not all people here have no idea whom you're referring to when you do so.

Was some secondary-sourced background write-up narrative of the history of chanties in the bachelor's thesis about "The Influence of Sea Shanties on Classical Music," by this young woman from Singapore who is a scholar of opera, the primary thing you chance-encountered when you started this journey, and you have been reacting to it ever since? Did you two have an exchange on Reddit or something where she said, "OK, Boomer"? Did you tell her she should change her major to a HARD STEM field?