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Posted By: Sorcha
16-Mar-01 - 01:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: FUN Surgical & Testing Procedures
Subject: RE: BS: FUN Surgical & Testing Procedures
Removal of lesion (actinic keratosis) from cartilagenous part of ear:

Needle stick deep into the cartilage x 3 for local anthestic, "This wil sting a bit" I said a bad word very loudly. The nurse then closed the door. Ear is now numb, and Doc proceeds to cut out cartilage with scissors--crunch, crunch, crunch......... Then she sews it up, pulling stitches VERY tight.....I thought my ear was going to come off. Don't forget to ask for an "ear tampon" to keep the blood from running down the ear canal and drying on the ear drum......took three days to get it all washed out.

Bladder scope--in Office procedure:
Assume stirrup position indicated above. Tube is inserted into "out going" orifice; lidocane is pumped into the tube. Scope the size of a drinking straw is inserted into said orifice, and rammed all around the bladder. Also available on TV......."Oh, that red spot? It's OK, it's just a little bleeding where I rammed your bladder with the scope. You may bleed a little after this..." means take OB pads. Since bladder/urethrea is numb, you get to wet your pants for 3 hours. (This one was dear Kate's, not mine.)

She also got to do a fasting out patient cystoscopy---NPO after midnight for a noon procedure, which was finally done at 4 PM. At least they gave her a general for that, so she doesn't know just what they put where, but it was all sore for 3 days....