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Posted By: FreddyHeadey
10-Sep-23 - 04:54 AM
Thread Name: PITCH PIPES: which ones, best usage etc
Subject: RE: PITCH PIPES: which ones, best usage etc
OK, I admit I've never tried a pitch pipe.
I bought a children's harmonica.
I've noticed people with pitch pipes having to put their specs on, get the right angle against the light, twist something, blow, stare intently again to confirm it was the right note,,,
I find it handy to be able to find the notes without having to look(mostly) & sometimes play the first two or three notes, not just one.
It's robust and light and big enough not to lose easily.

- sometimes people are expecting me to play something on it ;)
- it's just eight notes; no sharps or flats so sometimes I need to play the note(s) then shift half a tone.