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Posted By: CamiSu
16-Mar-01 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Subject: RE: BS: Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Politics in New Hampshire can be just plain strange. Saw a kid in the soccer league stand at attention during the picture taking, blocking several other kids. When he ran to Mom afterwards, I noticed she was wearing a GWBush jacket...

My dad, a Republican all his life, found the right wing of NH politics appalling. Nearly made him a Democrat. He lived in NH the last 7 years of his life, and spent LOTS of time there all the time before that.

Very regressive taxes as well.

The northern part of the state is, if anything, even more conservative. Me? I'm glad I moved to Vermont, after 2 years in NH. We may have our troubles (I see a lot of Take Back Vermont signs around here, but at least we let both sides exist!)