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Posted By: Matt_R
16-Mar-01 - 12:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: FUN Surgical & Testing Procedures
Subject: RE: BS: FUN Surgical & Testing Procedures
My wisdom teeth were impacted, all 4 of them lying on their sides. Procedure went great...Hootie & The Blowfish was on the radio in the operation room YES!! When it was done, my family laid me out on the seat of the van because my stomach was upset. I was staring up at the ceiling, fading in and out of consciousness. The radio was on, and "Hair" was playing (oldies station). But I wasn't so far gone as to rattle off a few interesting facts about the song to my sisters in seat behind me.

I slept the whole night. Next morning I took 1 pain pill and listened a new ELO album I got a few hours before the operation. That was the only pain pill I took. I was fine after that. The dentist was shocked! He said I should have been the poster for wisdom teeth removal!

NO PAIN!!! As Oasis says "Must Be The Music".