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Posted By: Mrrzy
16-Mar-01 - 12:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: FUN Surgical & Testing Procedures
Subject: RE: BS: FUN Surgical & Testing Procedures
When in hospital recovering from my second back surgery (bad disks here too), the doctor was refusing to give me ANY pain medication out of fear of overuse. So I threatened the nurse that I'd just take the painkillers I had in my purse, and NOT TELL HER WHAT THEY WERE. So nursey comes back with - get this - IV Benedryl. The idea is that the SIDE EFFECTS would conk me out so I would be too asleep to need the pain meds. I tell you all, and I have a fairly extensive basis for comparison - NOTHING IS AS FUN AS IV BENEDRYL. I refused to go to sleep I was having so much whee-fun. And the next day they wouldn't give me any more, I must have been laughing too loudly or something...

On the other side, if anyone tries to give you an IVP (a procedure where they inject something radioactive into your veins and then take series of Xrays as the kidneys process the something), make sure you aren't allergic to iodine-based dyes. They told me I'd get dizzy, but I got hideously dizzy, and couldn't speak to complain about it, which they took to mean I was fine. They warned me that I wouldn't be able to drive myself home, but after I did get home, I found that I couldn't stand up at all. If I tried I would faint. But as soon as I was horizontal enough, I'd come to, usually just BEFORE hitting the ground. Not fun. I had to crawl with my head hanging down to get to a phone to call the clinic, they called the cops to take me back (this was during college), and the cops kind of manhandled me into the car (they wouldn't let me crawl, which I could do as long as my head was below my heart). Turned out I was having a reaction to the dye, which has some vasodilator in it to rush the whatever to the kidneys, and it took 4 days to work its way out of my system. During those days if I tried to become vertical I became, very quickly and painfully, horizontal again. They called it orthostatic hypotension. I think I heard them trying to take my bood pressure as I stood up (well, as they held me up so I didn't fall), and it was down to something too low to register, over 25. But the IVP itself was fine.

I also had to have a similar thing with my gall bladder, a "barium swallow" where you drink something radioactive and they take pictures as it goes through your digestive system. My gall bladder was too blocked for it (the procedure) to work, so they injected me with morphine (which dilates the bile ducts). Well, I'd warned them that I fainted, and they'd taken good care of that while putting in the IV, so all they did this time was inject the morphine into the existing IV... and I fainted anyway, dead away, and fell out of the scanner! Missed the whole morphine thing, too, the only time I've had the occasion to taste it...