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Posted By: Jeri
16-Mar-01 - 01:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: FUN Surgical & Testing Procedures
Subject: RE: BS: FUN Surgical & Testing Procedures
I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but...
I'd heard horror stories about various medical procedures over the years.

Cortisone shot in shoulder - I'd heard those long needles that go directly into joints hurt like hell. Reality: Dr says "you'll feel a little prick." I felt a little prick, and could feel the needle moving around in there, but it didn't hurt. It just felt weird, because you're not supposed to have needles moving around in your joints.

Root canal: you've heard stories of root canals. For me, the worst thing was having the impression taken for a crown and not gagging. The procedure and aftermath hardly hurt at all and it put an end to months of pain. I had less pain from the procedure than I had chewing something prior to it.

Knee surgery (Anterior cruciate ligament replacement and cartilege removal.) It didn'hurt that much, but the swelling made it difficult to move it. Knowing what they'd done in there made me fearful of injuring it. Any one of 4 knee injuries had hurt a lot worse than the surgery. The worst pain I had from this surgery was in the OR, when the paraspinal block started to wear off while they still had the tournequette on. That hurt. They offered to give me another dose, but it would take longer to wear off, and I had to pee. I was NOT going to use the stupid bedpan!

I had a revision of an amputation (I've had several) of the end of my index finger. Again, sticking needles in joints don't hurt that much. The point where I wished I could rip the doc's spleen out through his nose came when the anesthetic wore off in half the finger and he decided to give me a local. Stuck the needle in the half of the fingertip that was NOT numb.

Spinal tap. I'm sure everyone's heard horror stories about these. Me in the fetal position. Doc says "You'll feel a prick." I feel a prick, and then some painless but unusual messing around. Doc: "'ve got really tight vertebrae...have to try somewhere else." Prick/messing around/success. The headache the next day was the worst one I've ever had - when I was vertical. When I was horizontal - no headache at all.

I've had an upper GI. Never had it up the wazoo, and almost never had it DOWN the wazoo. Almost never had it go down the toilet. That stuff is really cement. The procedure itself wasn't scary at all, but I wish they'd at least put a little umbrella in the stuff. Yum - radioactive cement coctail!