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Posted By: Mrrzy
16-Mar-01 - 02:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: FUN Surgical & Testing Procedures
Subject: RE: BS: FUN Surgical & Testing Procedures
Oh, yes, luckily I don't remember much about having 16 teeth pulled when I was about 11 - but I am still absolutely positively terrified of anything dental. I have all my wisdom teeth and they'll have to get them out over my unconscious body. Mom, on the other hand, had no wisdom teeth at all (and one of her tonsils grew back after they were both removed...) - her dentist says she's one step up on the evolutionary scale (don't know what her ENT would say. Maybe she's a mutant, maybe she's an alien). I am about to fire my dentist of many years now for hiring a new, young, hygienist, who can't chat while doing teeth cleaning, so I have nothing to distract me from my terror, PLUS she says stuff like Relax, you are so tense you're making MY job harder (which I really, really don't need). About the teeth pulling, my baby teeth apparently had adult roots, so they weren't falling out when they ought to, but the new teeth were coming in anyway, all over the place, wherever they could find room, like under my tongue. So they had to pull most of my baby teeth, wait for some to grow, and then pull some permanent (teeth too big or mouth too small, your choice) and some more baby. I remember having stitches inside my mouth practically up to my eyeballs because they broke a lot of the roots pulling the teeth, and then had to go excavate. Roots were twirled around each other most interestingly, apparently. All I remember is feeling some pulling on the underside of my jaw, under my chin, where apparently some of the roots actually reached. I also remember that the second time, they used a lot less anesthetic than the first (when they apparently overdosed me, Mom says I was asleep for close to a week), so I never went completely OUT, but nor was I present in any real sense. And it took years for me to learn to try to do that on purpose!