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Posted By: Bill D
04-Dec-23 - 04:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: Funny witticisms
Subject: RE: BS: Funny witticisms
One of my own.
Many years ago, as a member of the Democratic Club at my university, a friend who was the club president talked me into running in the primary election for State Senate, in order to split the white vote and try to give a black friend a chance to beat a racist white guy.
    Well, I went on two TV programs and said some things but by that time, a well-known Black politician had filed late, and was slightly favored.
   When the votes were counted, the more well-known guy was leading, but because, even coming in last, my 734 votes gave him the margin over the racist.
   The next day, the club president, David, caught me in the hall with congratulations and and thanks..
   "That was great, Bill, " he said. "Before I'm finished with you, you'll either be governor or you'll be sick of me!"
"Gee, David," I replied, "What if I'm both?"
The look on his face...!