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Posted By: JedMarum
16-Mar-01 - 03:26 PM
Thread Name: A St. Patrick's Day Mudcat Oath
Subject: RE: A St. Patrick's Day Mudcat Oath
well, I'd sing Danny Boy at the drop of a hat. It's a lovely song, and I like to think I do it justice. I very much like DonMeixner's comments above, and will do waht I'm asked, if I can do it well enough.

I don't know the Unicorn, but guinnesschik deoa a nice veriosn, and I get to play banjo, so I hope it's asked for .... I've long loved touraloura, since my Dad sang it sooo beautifully, so - ditto, if it's its asked for, I'd be happy to oblige.

The truth is, St Patty's day is normally fun. Fun crowds, We've played our first show already - today a radio broadcast in Dallas from a record shop. We had 100 or so in attendence, many of whom don't know much Irish stuff, they listened intently and enjoyed. No one asked for Danny Boy. We have two shows tomorrow, and I know there will be requests for "Four Green Fields" and others, and then we're on to the Emerald Mist for the evening - where I expect all hell to break loose! I promise you we'll sing anything anyone asks for, and we have an ineterst in playing. If it's really bad, we'll ask them up to sing it for us!

Last year, I had several up from the audience, at times, 'helping' me sing, and I tried my very best not to have a laugh at their expense ... we managed to keep the tops on all the young women who thought they might want to show more of their finer assets. Ah, the Guinness does bring out the best in us! 400 American Irishmen (or at least Irishmen for the day) all jammed into the place ... we had too much fun.

I'll play whatever they ask!