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Posted By: Backwoodsman
18-Dec-23 - 01:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hamas attacks Israel - part II
Subject: RE: BS: Hamas attacks Israel - part II
Maggie, I find Steve to always be aggressively opinionated, no matter the topic. His attack on me for a harmless suggestion that one of the possible multiple reasons for the BBC not openly describing Hamas as a terrorist organisation might be for the protection of its reporters embedded in Gaza and its acceptance as a responsible news agency by Hamas and Gazans in general, and his overt attempt at ‘putting words in my mouth’ are a perfect example. An angry rant, aimed at someone who agrees with him, shabby and deceitful.

It’s quite noticeable how few people even bother to engage with him nowadays. Before long, there won’t be anyone left here to discuss anything, and he’ll be ranting to himself.

I’m outta here - Steve can have the last word, he always seems to need it.