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Posted By: Jim Krause
16-Mar-01 - 04:29 PM
Thread Name: A St. Patrick's Day Mudcat Oath
Subject: RE: A St. Patrick's Day Mudcat Oath
To Seamus and pattyClink:
Far be it from me to rain on your parade. As an ootlaunda I don't feel much kinship with the Irish culture. Folks ask me if I fiddle Irish dance tunes. The answer is yes. And no. I don't fiddle in that Sligo style so beloved nowadays. The Irish songs I do sing were mostly written and adapted by Thomas Moore. But I do them in a way that suits me, not like Andy M. Stewart, who I realize is a Scot.

My apologies if I ruffled a few feathers. With a name like Krause, and with Friesens, Remiers, Schimdts, Duerksens, Loewens, Sawatzkys, Harders, and Warkentins, and so forth in my family tree, I don't feel too enthusiastic about St. Pat's Day.
Gruss fonn Jim no Kaunsaslaund wua de Kafee es heet, onn de Sproak es Plautdietsch